Pastor Listowel Ayensu-Mensah and his wife, Felicia 

Currently, working on his Doctoral Thesis in Theology, Pastor Mensah has a long and rich Methodist family history.  He is the first of 9 children born to a Methodist Minister. His father passed away at a young age, and Listowel was leading worship at age 12 , and began preaching at age 15 in Ghana, West Africa.  

In 1988, he married his wife, Felicia, and they have three sons; Louis, Dominic, and Mike.  Pastor Mensah comes to us from his current appointment in Racine, Wisconsin. He plans to live with his wife, Felicia, and son Mike at the Zion parsonage in Chippewa Falls.

Allie Athas; Youth Ministries Coordinator

Allie has a background in teaching all ages of Sunday school.  She served as Music 
Director for VBS for 10 years, a journey that began in Middle School.  She ran the nursery program during her 4 years of college as well as co-directed the Adult Choir her senior year.  

After three and a half years of being in Eau Claire, Allie has received Lay Servant training at the basic level as well as advanced level in Preaching.  

January of 2016 she began Seminary at Luther Seminary in St. Paul.  She’s working towards becoming an ordained elder within the Methodist Church.  

She is so excited to be working with our youth and looks forward to many ministry break-throughs to come!  She is so excited at the many experiences God has blessed her with and wants nothing more than to serve his people and further his kingdom!

Church Staff  

Pastor:  Listowel Ayensu-Mensah (715.723.3639)
Visitation Pastor:  
Youth Ministry Coordinator: Allie Athas  
Administrative Assistant: (715.723.3639)
 Zion Worship Leader:  Dan Lea
Zion Choir Director:  Alynia Froelich
Zion Musician:  Carol Dean
Hallie Worship Leader:  Illa Russell
Hallie Musician:  Bryan Kujawa 
Custodians:  John and Jane Bowe

Zion Congregational Leaders
Council on Ministries Chair:  Art Mathews
Council on Ministries, Lay Leader:  Ben Goeman
Staff and Parish Relationships Committee Chair (SPRC):  Ben Goeman
Finance:  Ed Ebert
Trustees:  Joe Bowe
Council on Ministries Secretary:  Chris Barile
Technology Ministry:  Robin Reed
United Methodist Men:  Ken Froelich
United Methodist Women:  Connie Murphy
Annual Conference Lay Member:  
Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference:  

Hallie Congregational Leaders
Council on Ministries Chair:  Jack Joles
Vice Chair:  Illa Russell
Education:  Robin Spickler
Finance:  Nellie Erickson
Financial Secretary:  
Lay Leaders:  Nellie/Erickson/Illa Russell
Lay Leadership Committee:  
Membership:  Mary and Elmer Sharp
Memorials:  Anita Regis and Deb Isham
Missions:  Nellie Erickson
Council Secretary:  Diane Harp
SPRC Joint Chair:  Ben Goeman
Treasurer:  Ray Hughes
Women's Group:  Lorraine Gourley
Youth Representative:  Jack Spickler

Project Leaders

Prayer Shawl Ministry:  Patty Mewhorter
Visitor Welcome:  Annette Shafer
Web Design/Administration:  Robin Reed